Workshop Overview – The Real Cost of Mental Health in the Workplace




A report issued by the Centre of Health Promotion at the University of Toronto in 2003 suggested that mental illness costs the Canadian economy a staggering $51 billion per year, a third of that due to lost productivity. Imagine what that number would be in today’s value!

The real cost of mental health is both direct and indirect – costs to the bottom line of our companies and to the well-being of our families and communities. We have a responsibility to each other – but most importantly, to ourselves – to not only calculate the cost of unaddressed mental health in our workplaces but to also calculate the incredible upside of increased mental well-being. This can have an immediate positive impact not only on our business, but in our society.

In her 15+ years of experience as an HR professional, finance and project management consultant and communications specialist, Lindsay Recknell brings well-rounded professional experience to the conversation around mental health. As the wife of a recovering alcoholic, Lindsay brings first-hand knowledge of the impacts of untreated mental illness and its effects on the workplace.

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