Self-Awareness Superhero

You can’t control how your brain works but you can understand it – and use that intel to change the way you relate to others and show up in the world. This is exactly what Self-Awareness Superhero is all about.

It leverages the Emergenetics profile, a psychoanalytic tool that uses four thinking attributes and three behavioural attributes to understand the way you think which, in turn, affects the way you see and interact with the world. Emergenetics is a measurable, proven way to recognize and apply thinking and behavior patterns people use regularly. They were identified by reviewing research from a wide body of academic literature covering personality, psychology, and neuroscience. These results were then subjected to rigorous statistical analysis. I am a certified Emergenetics Associate and I'm so looking forward to introducing you to the tool!

The first step in the process is to take the profile – which contains a ton of value and insight. But the real magic of this package happens after that. In a half- or full-day workshop, I’ll bring you up to speed on the various thinking and behaviour preferences, so you can better understand both yourself and those around you. We’ll also do a series of exercises to illustrate how these differences play out ‘in real life’ – and can be used to your advantage.

These workshops are available for individuals and groups. Either way, by the end of our time together, participants will:

Be more aware – of self and others

Understand ‘flow’ – and why some things are difficult while others feel easy (and how to leverage this knowledge!)

Know what kind of tasks they should be doing, when to do them – and, just as importantly, what to delegate

Be able to change their approach to maximize results and improve relationships, both personally and at work

Ready to become a Self-Awareness Superhero? There are several ways to get there:

For Individuals

*payment via PayPal, to my incorporated company, Paradigm Bend Inc.

Emergenetics Profile Only

  • Access to the Emergenetics profile questionnaire and a full summary of your results (all online)

Emergenetics Profile + Debrief

  • Access to the Emergenetics profile questionnaire and a full summary of your results (all online)
  • A 30 min call (with me!) to review your results, answer questions and identify key takeaways

Self-Awareness Superhero live, Virtual or In-Person Workshop

  • Access to the Emergenetics profile questionnaire and a full summary of your results (all online)
  • A seat in a live, virtual or in-person workshop, where we’ll dig deep and use your results to provide maximum understanding and transformation for yourself and your team
Get in Touch

For groups

I’d be delighted to run a private Self-Awareness Superhero workshop for your group of 6 to 50+ participants.

How it works

Each participant will complete a questionnaire that produces a custom Emergenetics profile and a summary of their results.

Following that, I’ll lead them in an engaging and interactive full- or half-day workshop designed to enlighten and transform. For groups, these sessions can be tailored to the audience and/or goals of the organization so as to maximize the value and benefit for both the individual participants and organization.

In most cases, these workshops can be done virtually OR in person, although real life is best in this case.

"Lindsay is amazing, positive, motivational and inspirational. Loved it - highly informative and collaborative" - Max

"The session was awesome! You are so knowledgeable on Emergenetics and I can't thank you enough for sharing this passion with us." - Karen

"Presentation was very clear, concise and engaging. Wanted more - more training on how to harness the "power" I discovered" - Laura

The Benefits

On top of the individual benefits of the program, there are significant organizational benefits to be had as well, maximing human performance through better communication, team cohesion, and recognition of others’ strengths.

In Alberta, the program qualifies for professional development credits for several designations (including CPA, CPHR, APEGA) and is often covered at least in part for employers through the Canada-Alberta job grant.

"Unbelievably accurate insights. Amazing team building tool. Excited to see where this app can lead us to." - David

"This was a great event! This will allow us as a team to better understand and work together. We love Lindsay's positive energy" - Craig

"Very interesting and informative. Saw different ways of looking at coworkers and my report isn't what my perception was." - Jennifer

“The Hero engages in self-discovery and self-creation so that he can ultimately be more useful to others.”

- eric greitens, us navy seal

If you’d like to chat more about the transformative power of Emergenetics or how I can help you – or your group – become more aware of yourself and others, let’s chat.