Workplace Mental Health

You invest in the lives of your people, they'll invest in the life of your company.

One of the defining characteristics of a great corporate culture is SAFETY - encouraging an employee to show up as their best self, supporting them to take care of themselves and those around them while going about their tasks and actively considering both physical and psychological safety.

And that’s exactly what I provide through my programs

workshops available

(Virtual and in-person)

My programs are for organizations that believe mental health is every bit as important as physical health – and want to inspire the same among their employees. The same way a regular maintenance program that includes daily brushing and flossing contributes to great dental health, maintaining active participation in our mental health leads to better human health. Creating a customized mental health maintenance program for your organization, based on the needs and objectives of your team, leads to higher employee wellbeing, increased engagement both professionally and personally while also considering a return on your investment.

I am a Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor and will work with you to identify the current levels of psychological health & safety in your organization and increase those levels using the Science of Hope - evidence-based, practical tips and techniques to increase levels of mental safety within your organization by increasing feelings of safety in individuals. My free and low-cost assessment tools are non-evasive, completely confidential and complement any surveys or assessment tools you may already be using.

Your customized program to support workplace mental health and increased levels of psychological health & safety could include my 7-part Making Mental Health Personal online workshop series, half-day workshops for front-line employees, senior leaders and executives as well as 1:1 coaching to provide positive, actionable, tangible ideas your teams can take away to maintain – or improve – their mental health.

Quarterly, you could add "lunch-and-learn" style talks, customized to topics relevant to your team or choose from my list of pre-built Wellness Webinars to meet your group where they're at. As you might have guessed, I talk a fair bit about Hope – and these talks sometimes include elements of my Dream Catalyst and Self-Awareness Superhero programs. We'll also talk about Compassion, as I feel it truly has the power to change the world.

There are many ways we can build upon these quarterly visits to provide more value, including Dream Catalyst and Self-Awareness Superhero sessions for groups or individuals, open office hours for one-on-one coaching and support, additional workshops and sessions, and access to a wealth of content and resources via a private online portal.


Executives and Senior Leaders will leave this half-day workshop with the Mental Health Cost Calculator, a tool to measure and calculate ROI on programs implemented to support employees mental health.

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Employees will be introduced to the Science of Hope and the success of this positive psychology on mental illness and overall mental well-being. They will leave this half-day workshop with tactics to implement hope-based action.

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In this half-day workshop, employees will leave the armed with language and conversation starters to open mental health conversations in the workplace - respectfully, confidentially, and productively.

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All employees will benefit from this half-day workshop where they will learn advanced listening techniques, critical to building relationships, leading teams and increasing the mental wellness of your organization.


“He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how

- friedrich nietzsche

If you’d like to discuss your organization’s unique needs and how best I can help you prioritize – and improve – the mental health of your employees, let’s chat.