Bucket List Builder

If you feel stuck or anxious, frustrated about where you are in life, hopeless, or just plain blah – at work OR in your personal life – Bucket List Builder will help you gain clarity, feel hopeful, get excited, and propel you to action so that you can live a life that brings you joy and fulfillment.

This experience has been so transformational for so many over the last 10 years, it makes me super excited to think about what identifying your dreams and designing your life can do for you! 

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Inspired by Matthew Kelly's (awesome) book, The Dream Manager, this Bucket List Builder experience will help you identify the things you'd like to Be, See, Do and Have in your life. The first step is the 1 hr homework assignment and following that, I'll guide you through an exercise to organize and prioritize your dreams, via a video you can watch when you're ready, on your own time.

Then, if you're ready to start planning and accomplishing those Bucket List dreams, sign up for my Dream Catalyst 12-week coaching program where we'll turn those dreams into action together!

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Here's what other people are saying about Bucket List Builder: 

“I thought i had life all figured out until this homework and insights”

- Amanda

“going through this exercise was so enlightening - the self-awareness was just awesome”

- Pradeep

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If you have questions about Bucket List Builder and/or whether it’s right for you, let’s chat. You can reach out or book a consult here.