Power of habits

Change the sound.

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I spend a lot of time reading about, researching and trying to change, my habits. Unconsciously, our behaviours are influenced in a huge way by our habits, the routines we’ve executed on over the years. From addictions to fitness routines, to eating, driving and even how we get dressed in the morning, how our brain processes these routines is even …

Meditation can be cool.

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BusinessLink invited me to be on two panels last week, at events they host each month for entrepreneurs and small business owners in Alberta. The topic was well-being and how to manage your health while also growing a business, the struggles of which Iā€™m all too familiar with. Really interesting people on the panels ā€“ experts in their fields of …

Make the damn choice.

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I just watched my 76 year old father-in-law cut his acre of lawn. And yes, Robbie offered to cut it for him and yes, he said no. (Is there something about men and their “control enthusiasm” for a perfectly cut lawn that only they can cut it perfectly?!?!) But did you read that first part? How Tom is 76 years …