Did you know I’d lost it?

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I remember very clearly the day I recognized I got my hope back. It was a totally innocuous moment…driving to the grocery store, turning left at the lights near our house. I remember looking ahead at the cars coming the other direction but not really looking…focusing on some place in the distance with dizzy vision. I don’t even know what particular thought was the one that brought hope to the surface for me…just that it did.

My first response was to call my closest friend – the only one, at this time, that knew what was going on for me and my family.

I got her voicemail. As I usually do. She and I have our best conversations as long winded messages left on each other’s voicemail.

“Janellie!”, I proclaim, “I found it! Hope! I got it back! Did you know I’d lost it?”

Three minutes of fast-talking later, a conceptual-thinking-induced purge of thoughts left my head and into the electronic black hole and I felt peaceful.



Hopeful. Truly hopeful.

Typically, my thoughts went to “What’s next?”; “Now what?”; “What do I do with this?”

Turns out this…Expert in Hope…is what I do with it. But that’s a story for another time (or you can just read it on my About page 😊).

The point of this story, though…is don’t ignore those innocuous moments. People talk about a flash of lightening, an epiphany, a bolt of inspiration…I don’t think these moments have to be as dramatic as that but pay attention.

And then action it.

Again – doesn’t have to be dramatic action. Could be a phone call to a friend, a conversation with your boss or coach, intentional time spent with your child…or quitting your job to start an entrepreneurial venture.

It’s about action and intention and expectation of a positive future result…hope.

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  1. even though it happened over 30 years ago, I remember with incredible clarity the morning when I woke up with hope after a very long dark period in my life.

    what a wonderful message and loving offering to this crazy world we live in.

    you rock. 🙂

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