Feet to Floor

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I love sleep.

Like really, really love sleep.

I’m not sure what I was like as a kid (Mom?) but as an adult, I really wish work-time came with nap-time.

I also love mornings. Like really, really love mornings.

When I’m up, coffee is poured and the sun is streaming through the front windows, I’m not sure there’s a happier version of me.

But my biggest challenge to happiest mornings?

Feet to floor.

I want to be up early. I am ridiculously productive when I’m up early. I exercise in the morning (after coffee, of course) and I’m a much nicer person to be around when I’m up early. It’s peaceful, expectant, stress-free…hopeful. I even read a book that promised me I could train my brain to wake up at 5am and jump out of bed! (It’s called the 5am Club and it’s awesome. Not only because of the whole jumping-out-of-bed thing but also because it’s a super motivating, positive book – check out my review here, if you’re interested)

So why the hell can’t I get my feet to the floor with any sort of consistency?

I’ve been researching habits – breaking bad habits and replacing them with good habits. I think this is a bad habit I need to break. But why is it a habit? The books and articles tell me to ask why I cling to this habit and why sometimes I can get up easily and sometimes, not so much.

So, “Why do I struggle to get up?”

  • went to bed too late, not enough sleep
  • nothing planned early the next day so no external incentive
  • my hubs is still sleeping so why can’t I?
  • I didn’t sleep well so I need to keep sleeping
  • excuse, excuse, excuse

Because truly, I think they’re all excuses. My putting feet to floor isn’t an extreme bad habit – something harmful to my health or my family or something I’m prioritizing over something else super important. It’s just a stinkin’ bad habit. And I have a million excuses as to why I can’t do it.

But that’s the thing…I know I can, I’m just choosing not to. There’s nothing stopping me – except my excuses. And using this blog post to try to convince myself otherwise is not going to help 🙂

Anyone have some advice on breaking bad habits? Or just getting my feet on the floor…bring it!

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  1. I think it’s just a matter of choice. And today I choose to put feet to floor and yesterday I spent time in bed with coffee and conversation.

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