Marketing Growth Hacker

I am seeking a Marketing Growth Hacker – a marketing professional specialized in profitably scaling traffic via various content and distribution channels, as well as increasing speaking, facilitation, guest writing and podcasting opportunities in public and private industry, as well as media. I am looking for someone to take responsibility for thinking, conceptualizing and executing on end to end growth hacks with the objective of generating higher revenues.

This is an online position for a remote worker - no need to be local to me but you could expect some (paid) travel to be included with this role.

Note: If you have a business of your own that you plan to continue to grow, please do not apply. I am looking for a Rockstar that is excited to put their full focus into this position.

Type of Position:


Work Time:

Be available for regular communication between the hours of 8am and 4pm MST Monday to Friday

Hours of Work:

35 hours work per week, 1 hour lunch break


To be decided

Start Date:

May 4, 2020

I Want to Meet You Because You are:

  1. Passionate and knowledgeable in the use of various types of marketing and product iterations to rapidly test persuasive copy, email marketing, SEO and viral strategies, among other tools and techniques, with a goal of increasing conversion rates
  2. Focused on optimization as well as lead generation as my goals are for long-term sustainability not just short-term gain
  3. Creative at finding smarter, low-cost alternatives to traditional marketing by employing growth hacking strategies to acquire as many clients as possible while spending as little as possible
  4. Skilled at using techniques such as search engine optimization, website analytics, content marketing and A/B testing as well as leading edge social media marketing and promotion
  5. Have a strong background in online and email marketing as well as website management
  6. Special consideration given to someone with experience working for a speaker, facilitator, author or political candidate, or as an event planner, promoter or has worked in Advertising or Media

The Role:

  1. Promote me and the brand, “Lindsay Recknell | Expert in Hope” to publications, media outlets, conference organizers, professional associations, podcasters, influencers
  2. Help to create and execute on the sales funnel for the business by finding new ways to reach my target audience – focusing on getting around expensive, traditional, non-viable marketing “solutions” and use insider knowledge to reach my target audience.
    • You are the product of the little tips you find in secret places where my target audience is hanging out
    • Perhaps you have gained traction in a niche forum that feeds a larger social network with stories and content. Because none of your competitors have this angle on the audience, you have a different sales funnel than any of your competitors
  3. Develop and implement front-end web design where appropriate to launch interactive tools and apps benefiting short- and long-term strategic goals
  4. Test and optimize marketing tactics for customer acquisition (e.g. online advertising, direct mail, out of home, affiliate) and conversion rate optimization
  5. Conduct and present competitive analyses and market research
  6. Propose creative new projects, from building free tools and content that attract prospects and convert leads to testing new approaches to capturing existing demand
  7. Translate ideas to actionable items that deliver business results
  8. Analyze, recommend and lead the implementation of improvement initiatives
  9. Assist with Client, Affiliate, Podcast guest and Mastermind group management
  10. Support for content, editing, and media promotion of podcast episodes and daily Hope Booster videos including show notes, blog post for each episode, artwork/blog post image, etc


  • A strong background in online and email marketing, as well as website management
  • Outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills
  • High standards of excellence and attention to detail
  • Excellent technical abilities
  • Relevant technical skills or knowledge including Wordpress, Google Analytics, search engine optimization, podcast and video editing, Canva (or other graphic design software)
  • Strong communication skills in order to interface with clients and collaborate in a cross-functional team environment.
  • Effective project management abilities in order to successfully oversee multiple business initiatives, such as email marketing campaigns
Note: If you have a business of your own that you plan to continue to grow, please do not apply. I am looking for a Rockstar that is excited to put their full focus into this position.

How to Apply:

If you would like to be considered for this position, submit your resume, references and salary expectations to Lindsay Recknell at using the following subject line:

Marketing Growth Hacker – [your full name] *2020*

Substitute your first and last name for [your full name]. Also answer this question:

What achievement are you the proudest of in your career?

Candidates are welcome to apply prior to close of business on Friday April 17th, 2020.


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