Thank you for your interest in Hope Chat!

I'll be sure to send you updates as I have them. In the meantime, if you need a little boost of Hope in your life, love you to check out any of the quick 10 minute videos on my YouTube channel below.

Welcome to your Hope Booster!

You may or may not be aware of the virtual Hope Chats that happen on Zoom each month, a time where we get together and chat about hope-related things, and community building, and taking action towards our hopeful futures. These informal get togethers are one of the best parts of my month and the people I've met are unique and intelligent and awesome. One of the people that comes to those Hope Chats described them as his monthly Hope Booster, the energy that carried him into the next month.

It was from this idea that sparked my Hope Booster videos. Although these videos started during the global pandemic related to the COVID-19 coronavirus, what's more important to me is that the message of Hope and the opportunity to chat about all things Hope-related, shouldn't just be in times of crisis...these conversations are what will sustain us prior to facing hard times. It's my greatest desire that the Hope Boosters provided by these videos will help us all be proactive and therefore more prepared when we go through tough times because have no doubt, there will be tough times.

Life is the ebbs and lows of awesome and awful so when awesome hits, you'll be ready! We'll all be ready. To spread hope, to lift each other up and to deploy some or all of the lesson's we've learned during these Hope Booster videos.

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Hope Boosters