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In today’s episode of the Hope Motivates Action podcast, I’m super excited to introduce you to Megan Kitt, ex-journalist turned founder of a fashion-focused social enterprise called Tuli, military wife and mother of a one year-old daughter. In this episode, Megan will share with us her advice on how to build a business in East Africa while living in Hawaii, raising a daughter while her husband is deployed as a submariner all the while continuing to flourish as an entrepreneur and renovating her home at the same time. She has inspiring thoughts and ideas on how hope, process and consistency helped make two-intercontinental moves in mere months, not only possible but achievable.

Megan Kitt is the founder of Tuli, a fashion brand that fights poverty by creating sustainable jobs in East Africa by selling handmade, fair trade jewelry. Tuli has empowered artisans to feed their families, educate their children, and rise out of poverty.

Megan got her start in journalism, and her work took her across the United States, into Asia, and finally, to Africa where she met Tuli’s first artisans outside of Kampala and worked with them to develop a small line of products that would become Tuli. The company has since expanded into Nairobi as well.

Megan was uniquely poised to launch a fashion brand: She got her start modeling as a teenager to save money for college. Through her work as a model, Megan learned enough about the fashion industry to catapult Tuli to success, all while fighting some of the darker sides of the fashion industry.

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