Hope Motivates Action Podcast S1.E2. Andrea Torraville

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Hope has played a large role in Andrea’s life as she has navigated mental health, discrimination, scarcity, parenthood and divorce. Andrea shares how a challenging life moment prompted her to take action in her personal development and seek out a coach to help her through the next stages of her life, in this episode, she will teach us how she used hope as a tool for motivation .

Andrea Torraville is a Career & Learning Specialist who takes a consulting and collaborative approach to the diverse portfolios she has worked on. With several years experience in focusing on career development, work-life balance & employability skills training, she has consulted, advised and mentored to diverse organization and individuals. Andrea has developed & delivered employability skills training for both non-profit and academic student learning environments and has now leveraged all this career and life experience and influence into her latest venture, Carli Lance. A Career Life Balance website dedicated to support through the rough patches, information to help guide through decisions and give you a good laugh!

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