Hope Motivates Action Podcast S1.E7. Hope without Action is just a Wish

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Hello! Welcome to the second solo episode of the Hope Motivates Action debut season. This time, instead of interviewing another inspiring person, I share some of my own strategies and thoughts about hope, life and all things in between. In this episode we’ll go a little deeper as I discuss the importance of setting Goals and share some helpful tips on how to get started. Because, without action, hope is just a wish!

To be honest, these solo episodes are hard. Other than the awkwardness of talking into a microphone in my empty office, the vulnerability I experience as I share my story and put my ideas into the world is scarier than I anticipated it was going to be. It’s easy encouraging other people to share their thoughts and ideas but walking that talk is another thing all together!

Thanks for listening in and supporting the ride. I’m excited for you to hear this episode all about Hope Theory and it’s relationship to goal setting, how to identify what coal to accomplish next even if you aren’t quite sure what’s important. I’ll talk about goal setting int eh face of fear and what happens if the goal you identified isn’t a priority anymore and you want to change your mind. Finally, I’ll talk about telling those important to you about your goals – or not telling them, however that looks for you – and strategies for having those conversations.

I mention A LOT of books in this episode 🙂 If you’re interested to check some of them out, links are below. (these are affiliate links meaning if you click through to buy with Amazon, you’ll be supporting me with a little percentage of your purchase…so thank you!)


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