Hope Motivates Action Podcast S1.E9. Ronnie Allen

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On this episode of the Hope Motivates Action Podcast, I chat with Ronnie Allen, a retired teacher from NYC turned holistic healing practitioner and author of psychological and romantic thrillers. Ronnie shares with us her journey of Hope and how it lead to several successful careers over her inspirational life.

Ronnie has been active in the health and wellness space for decades and began a journey for certifications in holistic healing in the mid ‘90s, culminating in a Ph.D in Parapsychic Sciences and certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner in 2001. She’s the author of The Sign Behind The Crime Series; four novels, psychological and romantic thrillers, in which she utilizes her skills and expertise in elementary school education, psychology, spiritual & energy healing, and the paranormal in the plots. A teacher in the NYC Dept. of Educ. for 33 years, she holds children close to her heart, and the dedications in her novels point to the themes in her novels surrounding the struggles in the lives of children.

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