Hope Motivates Action Podcast S2.E01. Jodie Rogers

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I am super excited to bring you season two – conversations with inspiring people, reframing the way we think about Hope and its connection to our lives. In today’s episode, I had the opportunity to meet Jodie Rogers, a dynamic and hopeful personality from Ontario.

Jodie will share with us how she used her hope to motivate action after being let go from her “corporate jail” and used that time as an opportunity to thrive in both her professional and personal life. She’ll also share with us the decision they made as a family, for her husband to stay home and raise their kids while Jodie pursued her career and the positive impact that has had on their kids, their family life and their commitment to each other.

Jodie Rogers is an essential oil educator and wellness advocate with dōTERRA.  After 13 years in sales and marketing, the family breadwinner was down-sized out of her career.  While for many this news would be devastating, Jodie and her husband, Dave, saw this as a sign that their “side gig” should become their “main gig”.  Jodie loves educating people on the benefits of essential oils and how families can be empowered to live a holistic, healthy lifestyle.  Jodie and Dave live in Mississauga with their three children Jade, Sam and Sarah, who have been blessed to have their dad be a stay-at-home parent for over 10 years.

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