Congrats! You've taken the first step to designing your life with the purchase of the

Dream Catalyst!

I'm so excited that you're going to do this work - it's truly been exciting, transformative and enlightening for so many people over the past ten years. I've heard people tell me that it helped them identify priorities they didn't know were so important, gave them a vehicle to share their hopes and dreams with people in their family and others close to them and gave them a plan to actually accomplish dreams they'd been putting off for years. I can't wait to see where this takes you!

You could bookmark this page in your internet browser or don't worry, I'll also send you this via email too so you can save it there.

First step is to schedule your time slot for our 1:1 Dream Catalyst sessions. Our sessions will start Tuesday, September 10th or Wednesday, September 11th - you just need to choose your preferred 30 minute time slot.

Click to Schedule your Dream Catalyst 1:1

Next step is to complete your Emergenetics Profile. Emergenetics has had such an important impact on my self-awareness, the way I show up in the world and how I interact with others. My husband took it as well so we could communicate better, learn how each other's brains worked and have more compassion and patience by recognizing and celebrating our differences. I am a certified Emergenetics Associate and I am proud to teach you more about Emergenetics.

To take the Emergenetics Profile, click the link below. It'll take you to the Emergenetics website (external to my site) where it'll ask you to fill out the form, enter your Control Code and complete the questionnaire. The questionnaire typically takes about 20 minutes to complete but allow yourself as much or as little time as you need. Once you finish, I'll be notified and will email you a copy of your Profile. If you'd like a hard copy of your Profile mailed to you, enter your mailing address on the registration form as well.

The Control Code to enter is: loysrj

Click to complete your Emergenetics profile

Following that, after you've scheduled your 1:1 time slot and completed your Emergenetics profile assessment, watch for an email from me with your Bucket List Builder homework. The process begins with a solo exercise - it requires a package of index cards and about an hour of your time – which you will use to identify things that you’d like to BESEEDO or HAVE.

Lastly, after you complete your Bucket List Builder homework, watch for an email from me four days prior to the first day of your 1:1 Dream Catalyst sessions. I'll be dropping into your inbox with the first of 12 micro-lessons, designed to make our time together the most enriching, inspiring and educational as it can be. You'll learn techniques and tools related to hope, self-awareness, sustaining action, flexible choices, and so much more relevant to your actioning your dreams.

And then your 1:1 Dream Catalyst coaching sessions...12 of the most actionable, honest and empowering weeks you'll spend. I absolutely cannot wait to get started on this with you - designed for you, by you...with a little accountability and inspiration from me.

Bring it on...I can't wait!