Awesome! I'm super happy you're going to join us for our live, virtual Emergenetics Workshop!

Emergenetics is a neuroscience-based psychoanalytic tool that identifies how you think – how your brain processes information, and also how you show up in the world. In our three hour, dynamic and interactive workshop, Self-Awareness Superhero, you’ll learn about your unique characteristics and how your awesome qualities are so valuable to your workplace, your family, and your community. You’ll learn that everyone thinks differently than you do – that we all approach the world in different ways – and you’ll learn how to use your remarkable strengths to work together and contribute to your environment in influential and significant ways. As a certified Emergenetics Associate, I'm super excited to teach you more about this incredible tool!

First, you'll need to pick what night you'd like to attend the workshop. As the workshops are live and virtual, it doesn't matter what part of the world you're in, you can attend at your convenience online. Workshops are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 6-9pm MST.

Click to Register for SElf-Awareness Superhero

After you've registered for one of the workshops, you'll be redirected to another page with instructions to complete your Emergenetics Profile questionnaire prior to our workshop. Let me know if you don't get redirected and you need the link to complete your profile!

Love you to join my private Facebook group specifically for Self-Awareness Superheros, people who have taken the Emergenetics profile or participated in one of the workshops. It's a safe and respectful place to meet other Self-Awareness Superheros...and no sales pitches! Links to this group and other great stuff below!

Self-Awareness Superhero private Facebook Group

Emergenetics has a great app if you’d like to download it to your mobile phone – through a fun, interactive experience, the Emergenetics+ app dynamically facilitates effective communication and interaction by providing clear-cut personalized tips based on the unique attributes of any person’s Profile. With the Emergenetics+ app, you can:

  • Connect with co-workers and friends who have an Emergenetics Profile
  • Compare Profiles for similarities, differences and interaction recommendations
  • Access practical communication tips to improve collaboration
  • Create and save groupings of multiple Profiles
  • Share Profiles and customized group reports
  • Access Emergenetics guides and work templates to apply Emergenetics in daily interactions with your colleagues.
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