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Many of us will reach a moment in time when we must start to care for our aging parents, grandparents, or even aging older siblings. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when this time comes, not knowing what all of the options are or how to offer assistance when we live so far away. Feelings of guilt and confusion will rapidly roll in.

Jana Mulligan joins us today to share how to find hope in this type of situation. Listen in as she goes over how we can shift our perspective in order to better care for and understand our aging parents. We cover a variety of topics, including perceptions of aging and ageism, nursing homes, how to have tough conversations with your parents, and more. As you navigate through this new unknown, remember that this situation isn’t hopeless and there are solutions for the questions and problems you have.

Guest Bio:

Jana Milligan is an innovative elder care professional and Certified Senior Advisor. She is also an entrepreneur and coach with a passion for advocating for older adults.

Her journey began when she was in high school and started volunteering in a nursing home and loved her experiences there. She later on received her bachelors and masters degrees in healthcare administration and became a CSA, spending 15 years working in many different capacities of elder care.

Currently Jana runs her own business, Thrive at Home, providing information and resources for families seeking help as their parents age. You can find her on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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