S03 | 09 – Keeping Hope in the Midst of Addiction with Maureen Towns

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The side effects of a child facing drug or alcohol addiction can be devastating to the whole family. What are your next steps? Who do you go to for help? And how can you cope with all the changes that will come your way in a sustainable way?

Do these feelings of hopelessness sound familiar to you?

Maureen Towns endured this herself first hand. She knows how lost it makes you feel and wants to give you one message: There is hope and you are not alone. Maureen shares about her own experiences having a child facing substance abuse, addiction, and mental illness, and provides insight into managing the changes you will experience.

Listen in and learn how to take the first steps towards hope and bringing vibrancy back into your family’s life.

Guest Bio:

Maureen Towns is the founder and CEO of Maureen Towns and Associates, providing advocacy and support for parents of teens struggling with drug and alcohol use and mental health issues. She has 22 years of experience in nursing and has been a parent for 24 years. Maureen works to provide hope for these families by providing new perspectives, resources, and sharing her own experiences as a parent who has been through the same situation.

Visit her website to book a consultation, or you can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. She also has a podcast, Broken Open, where she delves into deeper topics surrounding the issues of substance abuse and mental health.

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