S03 | 10 – Inspiring Hope Through a Lipstick Journey with Anna Warner-Mayes

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Four cancer diagnoses and years of treatment would seem to be a killer of hope in any person’s life. And yet, through four diagnoses and stage 4 cancer, Anna Warner-Mayes has worked to maintain a positive mindset in her life and to motivate others to hold the same in their own lives. Instead of asking “why me?”, Anna fiercely questioned “well why not me?”

Anna joins us today on the Hope Motivates Action podcast to share her incredible story and philosophy of hope with us. Her goal is to inspire others to find hope and joy day to day and know that they are not alone in their battles. Take that first step forward in your life and recognize the beauty in each moment.

This is truly one of the most inspiring interviews I have had the privilege of hosting for this podcast, and I’m so excited for the world to hear it. Listen in now to hear her message of actionable, active, and empowering hope.

About Anna:

Anna Warner-Mayes is a graduate of Western Michigan University. Originally a music theater major, she graduated with a degree in science and has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years. After being diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, she decided to fulfill one of her dreams and start her own lipstick company, The Lipstick Journey.

First diagnosed in 2008, cancer has been part of her story for over 10 years. Through her company she wanted to create a great product, but also help other cancer fighters by donating partial proceeds to cancer organizations she has had personal experience with. Anna has been involved with everything from creation of the formula, colors, to manufacturing, packaging, and website content.

You can keep with Anna on her blog, or follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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