S04 | 05 – Identifying Your Own Motivational Experiences with Kristen Dyck

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It’s very easy to feel inadequate when it comes to our own experiences, especially when there are so many incredible and inspirational stories coming from those around us. We’ve been hardwired to believe that we need a big, dramatic story in order for it to be worth sharing.

Kristen Dyck joins us today to disprove this notion, telling us that we must believe that what we’ve been through matters. By identifying our own motivational experiences, we can come to understand our personal values and have clarity surrounding the direction we are heading in. Kristen defines hope as similar to vision, knowing what your North Star is and holding on to it.

Listen in to hear how you can uncover that North Star in your own life.

About Kristen Dyck:

Kristen Dyck is the founder of AVRO Creative, where she is a personal brand strategist. Kristen was once told, “You do great work but no one knows who you are.” After that, she developed her personal brand, went on to reach her goals, and received national recognition for her work.

Today, she uses more than thirteen years of marketing, communications and brand experience to help women achieve their goals with her unique personal branding process. You can follow Kristen on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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