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It’s often difficult to envision the long term effects of our present decisions and emotions. Human nature desires instant gratification, preferably with minimal effort put in. But if we want to change our futures for the better, we must change our current behaviors. Otherwise we will always experience the same results.

Today’s guest, Elise Montgomery, joined me to discuss future visioning and how imagining a better future for ourselves can help give us hope. Each of us can take actions today that, although they may be hard now, we will be thankful for tomorrow. Making these decisions will guide us down an exponentially hopeful, empowering path to a vibrant and passionate future.

Elise’s expertise in creating a passionate lifestyle is truly inspiring. To learn more about changing your behaviors and mindset, listen to today’s episode.

About Elise Montgomery:

Elise Montgomery is a proven business and success coach for women, specifically in real estate. Elise got her start in business coaching with one of the top real estate coaching companies in the world, she now has her own coaching business. She is committed to empowering her clients to design a business that serves them to their highest level of income, lifestyle, and passion.

Elise has been featured in Forbes and sits on the Forbes Coaches Council. She is on a mission to show female entrepreneurs that they can make more income and impact than they ever thought possible, while also creating a lifestyle that lights them up. You can follow her on Instagram, Facebook ,and LinkedIn.

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