S04 | 07 – Building Hope through Community with Liz Duerholt

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A sense of community and belonging brings hope and meaning to our lives. But… how? And why are these connections so important to us?

According to Liz Duerholt, today’s guest on the Hope Motivates Action podcast and Executive Director of Redefine’d, it’s all about the redefinition of our stories and expectations, and creating sustainable change in our lives. Liz’s work with Redefine’d has shown her just how powerful building a connected community can be for all of us. Her story also teaches us that we can make that difference for countless others in our lives.

Tune in to learn more about Liz’s work and story, and the strength community relationships have in leading us to find our purpose.

About Liz Duerholt:

Liz Duerholt is a social entrepreneur, leader, and a healer. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Redefin’d, a community that brings love and healing to young people overcoming emotional trauma. She left Calgary’s Oil and Gas Sector in 2014, to breathe life into a bold idea that meaningful work and connection could transform the future for many of Calgary’s young people.

Liz is passionate about what is possible when we are radically connected to ourselves, others, and the planet. Her work has taken her as far away as Africa, then closer to home into the lives of young people who were living on the margins. It’s been a journey of love and of healing and ultimately one that is returning her home to herself.

To see more about the work of Liz and Redefin’d, you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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