S04 | 09 – Building Hope Through Humor with Lindsay Harle-Kadatz

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When you find yourself slipping into the cloudiness of depression, stress, or anxiety, how do you cope and find the motivation to get through it? There are many coping methods you might see as a beacon in the darkness, but today’s guest specializes in using humor.

Lindsay Harle-Kadatz’s story is all about finding the humor in our lowest times, reaching out for help, and how sharing our stories can help us build connections and motivate others to take action in their own lives. From experience, Lindsay knows that we can’t grow without taking action for ourselves.

Listen in to hear her inspiring words and learn how a little compassion and humor can help bring us out of the darkness.

About Lindsay Harle-Kadatz:

“What if…” is the question that keeps Lindsay Harle-Kadatz up at night. It’s the question behind her curiosity and what inspires her to support overwhelmed business leaders in shaving years off their business stress through brand and content strategy. As owner of The Write Harle, she helps these overwhelmed leaders become overjoyed with their own original voice. When not working with small business brands, she is a vocal mental health advocate creating better connection through humour. She even wrote a book about it called Depression Constipation: How Pooping Saved My Sanity…and Other Stories, a real-life tale of understanding depression in terms of constipation, humour, and mental prune juice.

She has spoken on a number of entrepreneurial topics, including mental health and the creative brain, growing your readers with branded content, and gaining brand trust through consistency. Each time, she looks to leave value through tangible takeaways while connecting with a bit of humour here and a well timed-pun there. This is what saw her receive the 2019 Women of Inspiration – Influencer award, through the Universal Women’s Network.

With everything, Lindsay continues to focus on the foundation for her true love: connection through stories. And, it’s what she’ll continue to use to help businesses connect with their communities! You can follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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