S05 | 02 – Getting Out of Fear and Back Into Purpose with Lindsay White

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The global pandemic and its economic fallout have been especially tough on women owned small businesses. How can you find hope beyond what seems like the end of your future?

Today’s guest, Lindsay White, is here to help us see that there is always a possibility, we just need to look for it. Ask yourself: What do you value? What is important to you? And how are you living that everyday? Lindsay believes that by connecting to yourself and your purpose, you can find hope, resiliency, and authenticity. In her work, she has worked with so many business owners to help them embrace the possibilities of the future and create work environments that inspire. 

If you feel stuck, listen in as Lindsay shares how we can become unstuck in order to get out of fear and back into purpose.

About Lindsay:

Lindsay White is the owner of High Voltage Leadership. She believes that every business, no matter how small, deserves three things: great leadership, an impactful people strategy, and a culture that inspires. It’s Lindsay’s incredible passion, high-voltage personality, and decades of talent management and coaching experience that inspires her clients as they drive their business success through their people. 

As an entrepreneur, a working mom, and a first-time grandmother, Lindsay knows that the blend between work and life can be difficult to create. That’s why she loves to coach and guide female business owners as they navigate their personal leadership journey. Her focus on people strategy, team engagement, and leadership development all help her clients drive their business goals while creating an inspiring culture. Lindsay’s signature VIP leadership coaching program opens for enrollment only a few times a year, so check out her website to find out more and schedule an inspiration session today. You can also keep up with High Voltage Leadership by following them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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