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What separates a good leader from a great leader? It’s not the magical ability to never fail or meticulous planning skills.

No, it’s a lot deeper than that. It’s a power you draw on from deep within yourself.

This week Scott Ackerman joins the podcast and he shares from his own personal experience what he believes separates the good from the great- faith, hope, and charisma. A truly great leader will show hope and faith in their team, cultivating a confidence that will enable their team to succeed. And while he warns about the dangers of blind hope, Scott also echoes my sentiments about what separates hope from optimism- taking action and continual motivation to reach your goals.

Whether you are a leader in a personal or professional setting, tune in to hear Scott’s expertise on hope, confidence, reflection, and strength in leadership.

About Scott:

Scott Ackerman is a Strategic Advisor and Executive Coach, currently serving on several for-profit and non-profit advisory boards. He has served as Managing Director for several management consultancies, including Online Business Systems, Criterium Group, and Western Management Consultants. Previously, he held global leadership positions with Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq Computer Corporation, and Hewlett Packard.  

Scott specializes in IT Organizational Effectiveness, Strategy, Sourcing Advisory and Program Management.  With more than 25 years experience, he has proven success managing complex programs throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. With an MBA from Royal Roads University with specialties in Executive Management and Management Consulting, he is a Certified Management Consultant and a member in good standing of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants.

Scott currently lives in Redwood Meadows with his wife, where he proudly serves as Deputy Mayor. To learn more, you can connect with Scott on LinkedIn.

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