S05 | 06 – Intentionality in Your Decisions with Tarun Singh

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How intentional are you about the decisions you make in your life? Are you actually intentional in the decisions you make or are you just holding on to a blind optimism, wishing to meet your goals?

Intentionality is a driving factor in hope and taking action. It’s about envisioning your end goal and planning what the steps are that you will take to get there, and then actually following through

My good friend Tarun Singh joined me on the podcast this week to discuss how we can be more intentional in our decision making and how we can innovate solutions to problems that arise while we experience life. He believes not in blind faith, but in faith rooted in realism and tempered by facts. Listen in to hear his own amazing, personal story and how intentionality has helped him reach his own success. Learn the steps he takes in practicing intentionality, so that you can find your why and reach your success too.

About Tarun:

Tarun Singh is an expert in sales, leadership, and strategy, and currently serves as the Outside Account Manager at Grand & Toy. He works to simplify complex problems and ensure that solutions are found for customer needs. With a history in sales and strategic management, Tarun uses his passion and skill to help bring hope to Calgary, volunteering with and fundraising for Redefin’d.

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