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I think hope has a PR problem. Part of that? People tend to have this idea that having hope makes your life all sunshine and rainbows. But the truth is that the journey of hope isn’t always easy and it doesn’t look the same to everyone.

It’s personal and ever-changing. Everyone’s definition of hope is different. You need to find what’s true to yourself and your own story. Hope can be altered, shifted, and learned as you explore what’s true to you.

Today’s guest joins us to share her own crooked story of hope with us. Kendra Reddy took control of her journey by learning to be vulnerable, seeing the possibilities, and influencing the things she had the power to change. She had to learn first hand how to recognize hope in her own life, and now helps others find it in theirs. If you’re ready to embrace your own journey and find your definition of hope, tune in!

About Kendra Reddy:

Kendra Reddy is an executive coach and keynote speaker who empowers leaders to act with authenticity, create capacity, and find purpose. Her clients are global industry leaders across Canada and the U.S., including PwC, Scotiabank, BMW Group Canada, ROOTS Canada, The Northwest Company, and Egon Zehnder. 

With nearly two decades of experience working in leadership development and human capital, Kendra’s methodology to lead with excellence begins with personal mastery. Her refreshing perspective on authentic leadership has been featured in The Globe and Mail, CNN, and The Financial Post.

In 2020, Kendra founded The Tala Leadership Institute, a coaching certification school that unlocks leadership through real-world coach training. For leadership wisdom, hacks, and techniques, follow Kendra on Instagram and LinkedIn, or visit her website.

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