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Have you ever been paralyzed by the fear of failure? Sometimes, that fear keeps us from taking opportunities that come our way. We miss out on pieces of ourselves and what we could be.

Today we are joined by author Genevieve Graham, and her question is, What’s the alternative?

What is actually holding you back from following your passions? If you don’t, what’s the alternative? Is the potential for falling a bit short actually worse than never taking action in the first place?

Genevieve believes that we should let hope be our silver lining. Remember what drives you and take a chance. Because even when it’s uncomfortable, you are still moving forward. We are the authors of our own stories, so make yours an interesting one!

Listen in!

About Genevieve Graham:

Genevieve Graham received her Bachelor of Music Performance (Oboe) at the University of Toronto in 1986. When an autoimmune disease forced her to quit oboe, she spent the next dozen or so years doing everything from advertising to marketing and fundraising, teaching piano to children along the way. In 1992 she traveled to Banff to visit a friend – and met her future husband (of almost 30 years!) in a chairlift lineup! They lived 17 years in Calgary, then moved to Nova Scotia in 2008 with their daughters, Emily & Piper. There, she was surrounded by history, and she realized how little she knew, not only about the province but all of Canada.

At 42 she began researching then writing exclusively Canadian Historical Fiction novels. Most recently, Genevieve focused on the dark, little known story of Canada’s British Home Children in “The Forgotten Home Child”. Despite bookstore shutdowns across the country due to COVID-19, it became an “instant #1 bestseller” and remained on that list for 19 weeks – 11 of those at #1. It achieved the #5 position in Canadian Fiction for 2020 and educated tens of thousands of readers about this vital part of our history. Her sixth novel, “Letters Across the Sea” will be published this April.

To learn more you can visit her website, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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