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Grief is an often misunderstood thing. Many people see it as a destination or a defining characteristic, but in actuality it is a journey that can help you process your emotions and grow. There are so many experiences in life that lead us to go through grief, even if we don’t necessarily realize it at the time. Of course, the death of a loved one, but also major life events like moving, a global pandemic, or even marriage.

It can feel dark and alone, but today’s guest is here with a different message. Kristina Risinger has experienced her own share of loss and grief and has been able to find her way to move forward with hope. She teaches that you are not alone and you do have the ability to heal.

Listen in as she shares her story and her approach to handling grief. She knows that the pain and loss you feel is real and can be excruciating, but it is not the end. Tomorrow is another day and it’s waiting for you, if you choose to walk forward.

About Kristina Risinger:

Kristina Risinger is a daughter of God, a wife, mother, coach, author, podcaster, summit host, speaker, and photographer. Kristina and her husband have six children, one which was called to take her place alongside Jesus in Heaven in 2016. Their youngest daughter was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 which is considered incompatible with life. She passed away shortly before her first birthday, however; they believe they were so very blessed to have her for a short time. 

While Kristina is thankful for each moment shared, and grateful to have been given the chance to know such a precious being, she is fully aware of the heartache that comes with burying a child. Her daughter’s life and death have purpose, and it is what compels her to be a better human being.

She is a woman who desires to be guided by the Lord to fulfill her purpose in life. After losing her daughter, Kristina struggled with figuring out how to put the pieces back together. She continues to renew her hope and has discovered her purpose as she now desires to support others through their grief journey after great loss. 

Kristina has been called to help people through the grieving process by placing their faith in God and regaining identity and purpose for their lives. In addition, she is being led to bring Christian women together in fellowship as they continue to deepen their personal walk with the Lord; understanding that Kingdom Women can encourage one another through the adversity they face and acknowledge the work of God as He reveals His perfect peace and will for their lives.

To learn more about Kristina’s story and see how you can work with her, you can visit her website and follow her on Facebook.

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