S05 | 11 – Raising Hope with Dan Tricarico

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Who doesn’t have bad days? Whether it’s a stressful week, a bad day, or just overwhelming anxiety, it can get pretty hard to stay hopeful. Well, our guest this week may have a way of changing the way we look at the stressors in our lives as he teaches us what it means to be “zen” and what it means to conduct healthy introspection! Join us as Dan Tricarico, author of The Zen Teacher, and I talk about the healing power of silence, teaching hope to the youth, and Marie Kondo-ing the heck out of our lives. Learn about the importance of simplicity and take a moment to take a few deep breaths this week!

Key Points:

  • How mindful practices help with stress and burnout
  • The human mind and its habits
  • Dan’s Five S’s in approaching a zen state
  • Applying Tricarico’s mindfulness tools to your life

About Dan Tricarico: 

Dan Tricarico, CEO of The Zen Professional, teaches corporate leaders how to maximize their performance without sacrificing themselves. As a national speaker, author of two top stress management books, and creator of The Zen Professional 5-Step Blueprint for stress reduction, Tricarico now shares his expertise and insight by showing business leaders how to thrive both inside and outside the boardroom. He has been featured in Fast Company Magazine, EduTopia, and Teacher2Teacher, as well as having guested on many business and educational podcasts.

You can find him on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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