S05 | 12- Living a Purposeful Life with Hung Nguyen

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Finding purpose in life is a journey, some may even call it an…amazing race? Well, this week’s guest is no stranger to races or to hope! From her parents’ story of seeking refuge after the Vietnam War to the 5-weeks that changed her life, Hung has found hope through her trials and tribulations. Join us as we dig deep into finding a purpose-filled life, Hung’s journey of giving hope back to others, and going behind the scenes on her time in the Amazing Race as her and her husband fought through their cabin-fever with some Coldplay!

Key Points: 

  • Taking time off life and a new perspective 
  • Risk and giving hope 
  • Reevaluating your purpose
  • Hope, fear, and growth

About Hung Nguyen

Hung is a principal at OUTLAST Consulting, a purpose-driven professional development + strategy firm focused on fueling innovation and empowering diverse talent. She has 15+ years of strategy experience at McKinsey, bp, and General Mills. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Economics from Harvard College and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Her interest in diversity extends into a love for travel. You can watch her globetrotting antics on Season 32 of CBS’s reality TV show, The Amazing Race.

Hung looks forward to collaborating on projects involving professional development or diversity and can be reached at hung@outlastllc.com

Find her on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and at OUTLAST Consulting.

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