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One thing that’s become abundantly clear to the world this past year is that mental health does not discriminate. Anybody in any situation is susceptible to experiencing mental illness, addiction, abuse, or any other sort of trauma.

Denise Summers joins us on the podcast today to explain that this is exactly why hope is a necessity. Everybody needs to have hope in their lives and be able to actually wield that hope, because without it, what are we left with? This is why Denise believes that there’s a sense of responsibility in each of us to spread hope whenever and however we can. She and I both share the belief that hope is contagious, and Denise’s inspiring story proves why.

Listen in to learn how you can not only use hope as a foundation in your own recovery strategy, but how you can help be a catalyst for hope in the lives of others. 

About Denise Summers:

Denise Summers is the Principal of Amphora Communications and the host of Stand Out!, a video interview series celebrating women founders and business leaders, published on Calgary Business digital news platform.  

Previously, she held a number of communications advisory positions in the energy, financial, and nonprofit fields. Since 2007, Denise has consulted many sectors including energy, construction, nonprofit, healthcare and finance, helping to tell the stories of and create meaningful change for many organizations. She is able to adapt her storytelling and writing skills to projects as diverse as a multinational oil company needing help during a takeover to bring new employees into the future, to ghostwriting the first business book for a successful local HR consultancy to media pitching for a First Nations colouring book and journal. 

Check out her website to learn more and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

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