S06 | 08 – Connect to Your Purpose Through Reiki with Geneva Robins

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Your mental and physical well-being is like a big tree with many branches. There are so many moving parts that all work together to help us feel healthy and whole. Vitamins, medicine, therapy, massage and more help to support you in different ways. So, when looking at the big picture of your well-being, what is supporting your spiritual wellness and re energizing you to reach your purpose?

Geneva Robins joins us today to talk about Reiki as the perfect complementary therapy and support you may be looking for to fill that need. Backed by science and positive results, Reiki works to help create a bridge between where you are and where you want to go so that you can move into a fuller aspect of your life. 

By feeling, holding, and aligning your energy and focusing with intention, you’ll find that anything is possible for you. Tune in to learn more and support the spiritual wedge of your well-being.

About Geneva Robins: 

Geneva Robins is a Reiki master, an author, and the founder of LunaHolistic: Calgary’s Reiki Centre. Reiki is an energy therapy that helps people feel centered and peaceful. Geneva is a teacher of meditation and Reiki with over 28 years of spiritual study. She’s also the author of The Secret Art of Happiness: How to Change Your Life with the Reiki Ideals, as well as journals, planners, and oracle card decks. She loves her work because she gets to help people connect to their purpose and re energize their lives.

To learn more, you can visit her website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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