S06 | 09 – Moving Forward Without Regret with Eric Wiehler

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We all have dreams and goals we are motivated to achieve. But sometimes when we finally achieve those goals, we find they don’t align with what we actually want in life. Maybe your priorities changed or the lifestyle just doesn’t end up meeting your needs. How can you move forward from that?

This is something today’s guest is all too familiar with. Eric Wiehler got the opportunity to experience his dream job, but he soon learned that it wasn’t everything he thought it would be. His mindset shifted and he reevaluated what was important and real to him, and he was able to transition into a new stage in his life without any regrets for what he had experienced.

Tune in to hear how he was able to move forward through this transition. If you feel like your current situation isn’t all you expected, know that you gave it your all. You got to experience your dream, and if it’s not for you that’s okay. There is still more for you.

About Eric Wiehler: 

Eric is the current operations manager of Wiehler Mechanical, a company specializing in solving problems in the plumbing and HVAC trade.

A lover of sports, Eric previously spent 4 years living in Toronto working his dream job at TSN as a writer. He enjoys travelling, playing pretty much any sport, and drinking a good Old Fashioned. He is also enjoying the humbling experience of being a father to his 4 month old son, Jackson.

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