S06 | 01 – Fueling Compassion Through Resiliency with Dr. Laura Hambley Lovett

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Trigger Warning: This week’s podcast contains mentions of sex-trafficking, domestic abuse, along with mentions of oppression and possession of women. If that is something that causes you distress or you are not currently in the state of mind for that at the moment, take your time listening to this week’s episode! When you feel ready and prepared, we hope you’ll join us in the conversation. Stay safe out there and take care of yourself, dear listener!

What do you do if you’re faced with the darkest aspects of mankind and all of a sudden, you have a personal connection to that dark? If you’re Dr. Laura Hambley, you use your hope for a better future to shine the light wherever you can, spreading awareness in a quest to eradicate the dark and bring people back into the light.

In this week’s episode of the podcast, Dr. Laura brings us into the tragic world of human sex trafficking, oppression and possession of women and domestic abuse. This is a tough conversation around an incredibly tough topic but Dr. Laura’s compassion and bias for action shows us that even in the darkest of places, hope is still there, and transformational change is totally possible. We discuss important topics such as compassion fatigue and fighting to stay healthy even while battling through horrific situations and the resilience that is built when coming through hard times. It’s a tough conversation to hear but the importance of bringing awareness so we can stop the madness is why these conversations need to be shared. Don’t miss it!

Key Takeaways: 

  • Human trafficking is a very real and prevalent threat today. It is a multimillion dollar industry. 
  • Trauma is a very personal and subjective experience–it is experienced differently by each individual. 
  • There are organizations in place to prevent the victimization, as well as rehabilitate victims of domestic abuse and trafficking (mentioned below). 
  • Resiliency and healing is a life-long process.  

About Dr. Laura Hambley Lovett:

Dr. Laura Hambley Lovett is an Organizational Psychologist and serial entrepreneur based in Calgary, Alberta.  She is a sought-after thought leader on workplace psychology and career development in Canada – Dr. Laura often writes and speaks in public forums, and she is regularly interviewed by the media on current trends. Dr. Laura has 20 years of experience providing organizational consulting to organizations in Canada and internationally. Above all else, she is a leader and mentor who is passionate about making a difference in people’s work and lives.  Dr. Laura has founded and co-founded several psychology practices in Canada since 2009, including Work EvOHlution, Canada Career Counselling, Calgary Career Counselling, the Leadership Success Group, and Synthesis Psychology. Dr. Laura specializes in leadership, team and culture development in organizations, remote workplace success, and building resiliency through turbulent times. 

Find her on LinkedIn.

Mentioned in the Episode: 

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