S06 | 02 – Illuminating Your Path with Josephine Tite

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“Hope is just enough light to illuminate the path you’re on so you don’t have to sit in complete darkness.”

Our guest this week wants to ensure that everyone has a sense of meaning and purpose when they take their last breath. Josephine Tite works with the elderly living in home facilities to make their time there as meaningful as the rest of their life. Whether it is by setting small goals everyday, organizing bowling meets with them and their families, or helping them apply positive psychology to their lives, Josephine emphasizes the importance of finding a brand of hope that works best for each individual. Join us this week as Josephine and I explore the question–what does it mean to be hopeful?

Key Takeaways: 

  • Goals can be as small or as big as we need them to be. There is no minimum requirement. 
  • People living in elderly homing facilities experience a profound loss of sense of purpose. 
  • Positivity and hope aren’t age restricted!
  • Hope means different things and lies in different spheres of life for everyone. 
  • How we apply positivity to our lives does not work the same forever. 
  • Apply positive psychology to your life to experience it–it’s not just about the science, it’s about the lived experience.

Trigger Warning: This week’s podcast contains a brief mention of suicidal ideation. If that is something that causes you distress or you are not currently in the state of mind for that at the moment, take your time listening to this week’s episode! When you feel ready and prepared, we hope you’ll join us in the conversation. Stay safe out there and take care of yourself, dear listener!

About Josephine Tite

While she’s in tune with the challenges of daily life, Josephine’s disciplined and genuine approach to life and work keeps her and her clients focused on being high on life. She’s someone who prefers comfort over style, natural over manmade, Good Earth over Starbucks, and Pecorino over Parmigiana… and she knows that best coffee is always served in tiny little cups.

Leveraging a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Josephine has provided years of coaching and education to elders in long-term care through her organization, Positivity Center. In a world that needs connection and relationships to thrive, Josephine understands how the science of Positive Psychology can be applied to create higher levels of well-being.

Find her on her personal and business LinkedIn, and Caregiver Toolkit.

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