S06 | 03 – Planting Seeds of Action with Lauren Herschel

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Lauren stands as a great example of how seeds of action can slowly plant themselves into our lives which then bloom into the initiatives we take to pay forward to those around us. This is how Lauren became the first anonymous kidney donor in Calgary when she donated her kidney to a total stranger. Join us as we talk about action, hope, and resiliency. You don’t want to miss out on the story of this truly selfless human being! 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Adaptation in stressful situations is as important as being resilient
  • Looking too far ahead into the future can sometimes be daunting, plan a day or week ahead instead
  • Surround yourself with a variety of viewpoints

About Lauren Herschel: 

Lauren Herschel is an Ontarian-turned-Albertan who has been living in Calgary since 2006. She is a communications leader with experience in a host of industries from commercial real estate to not for profits and the Calgary Public Library. Lauren is active in the community with organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters, Heritage Calgary and the Canadian Transplant Association. She also has the distinction of being Calgary’s first anonymous kidney donor.

Lauren has had a number of ups, downs and difficult losses over the last decade that have taught her a lot about hope, resiliency, community and being adaptable. She believes it is important to “pay-it forward” and also find ways to improve her corner of the world where possible – and she plans to do just that with a run for Calgary City Council this year.

Mentioned in episode: 

Find her on her website and on Twitter.

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