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Many believe that joy is something that certain people are just born with, or that it is a feeling only afforded to the privileged. Today’s guest firmly disagrees and has made it her mission to help everyone find the spots of joy in their lives.

Leona deVinne joins us today to share how she found joy during times of immense trauma and difficulty, and how she now helps others experience more of it. It’s not simply an emotion for the privileged, but a lens through which we can all see the opportunities ahead. Leona teaches us that joy and hope work hand in hand by helping us to see the possibilities and then drawing us forward through trials. 

Listen in to hear her research backed method for finding joy in life and begin finding the spots of joy in your own.

About Leona deVinne: 

Sock Broker at Joy Socks. In her professional life as a leadership coach and consultant, she provides leaders across the globe with the research backed tools to lead with exquisite expertise that creates teams and thriving organizations.

Leona is someone who needed three years of coaching to gain the courage to write her first blog, only later to be personally invited by Arianna Huffington to blog for the HuffPost. In her book, Finding Your Joy Spot, Leona draws upon her personal experiences from living with a life-threatening illness and healing after a heart-breaking divorce, to learning how to discover more joy in her life than she had ever known.

Leona knows that Joy is found in the simplest of moments and also experienced when one lives from a deeply rooted place of living with purpose, and it’s her mission to have people experience more of it.  She believes that Joy is the juice that nourishes a thirsty world. Her mission is to help people find more joy by bringing their gifts and talents to the world. By sharing her expertise as a joy guru, professional coach, and facilitator, Leona helps others live their best lives and supports them as they turn their ideas into reality.
To learn more, visit her website and connect with Leona on Facebook and Instagram, and sign up for the pre-release list for her book.

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