S06 | 12 – Connecting to Hope Through Story with Lea Storry

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If you were asked to write down a story from your life, what would you write? If you just thought, “I don’t have any stories to share”, you’re wrong. We all have moments from our lives that are worth writing down and sharing.

Stories are emotion. Our stories build who we are. And, as today’s guest teaches, our stories connect us to hope. Not only hope for ourselves, but hope for others as well. The things you experience in your day to day life, even small snippets of meaning, can carry inspiration to others who may read about it.

Do you want to capture your stories and share your legacy? Tune in to learn more from Lea’s expertise as she shares why writing is important and how you can begin doing it yourself.

About Lea Storry: 

Lea Storry writes, edits, and publishes your stories – from memoirs, to corporate histories, to blogs, and websites. She’s written family stories about war brides from England heading to the Banff backcountry with their husbands, as well as stories about doctors who have met Saddam Hussein. She’s also written about companies that started with a spark of an idea and now have locations spread out across the province.

Lea is an author and a writing coach, too, and offers people who want to write their stories some guidance in the process.
To learn more, you can find Lea on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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