S07 | 03 – Cultivating Hope in Our Communities with Evan Spencer

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Do you have a relationship with your neighbors? Likely, you know a couple of them, and maybe even say hello in passing, without actually having a connection with them. But it wasn’t that long ago that people really depended on their neighbors and immediate communities for support in daily life.

Community advocate Evan Spencer joins me on the podcast today to discuss why it is still so important to intentionally build up those relationships and create a united vision of community. It may involve stepping outside of your comfort zone, especially after a year in quarantine. But by cultivating these connections, we can foster genuine care and hope in our neighborhoods and cities.

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About Evan Spencer: 

Evan Spencer is a passionate and experienced community advocate, emerging policy nerd, family man, and a great neighbour. He lives and plays in Ward 12 in Calgary as a father to two kids, husband, neighbour, and volunteer. He has a passion for building outstanding communities.

To learn more, visit his website and follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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