S08 E01 Designing Your Own Future with Guest Psychic Medium Judy

S08 | 01 – Designing Your Own Future with Psychic Medium Judy

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When you look at your future, what do you see? Do you envision yourself achieving your goals, or repeating past mistakes?

Today’s guest is Psychic Medium Judy, and she believes that when we know better things are in store for us, we aim for and achieve those things. Our perception shapes our reality, and our beliefs and experiences shape our perception. She shares many tools we can use to control our behaviors and mindset, in order to attract the reality we desire, and design a life that we truly love and feel confident in.

As Judy says, hope creates miracles. By focusing on the things we can control, we can become more self aware and create a better life for ourselves. Listen in, and look forward to your future with hope and enthusiasm.

About Psychic Medium Judy:

Psychic Medium Judy has been helping people for over 40 years. She is a very gifted medium and psychic. Judy is also a Life Coach, and NLP Therapist, certified hypnotherapist, author and teacher. Judy’s commitment is after a session with her your life will be a better place to be!

Visit her website and connect with her on Facebook and Instagram to learn more.


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Lindsay Recknell  0:03  

Hello, welcome to another episode of the Hope Motivates Action Podcast. I am your host, Lindsay Recknell. And it is my absolute pleasure to have psychic medium Judy here with us today. 


Lindsay Recknell  0:14  

Hello, Judy.


Judy  0:16  

Hi there, Lindsay, how are you?


Lindsay Recknell  0:18  

It is wonderful to have you here, I can’t wait to share a little bit more about your story and how you use hope with your clients and in your life. Let me introduce you a little more formally, and then we’ll get on with your story.


Judy  0:31  

Thank you. 


Lindsay Recknell  0:32  

Psychic medium Judy has been helping people for over 40 years. She’s a very gifted medium. And Judy is also a life coach and NLP therapist. She’s a certified hypnotherapist, an author and a teacher, Judy’s commitment is after a session with her Your life will be a better place to be. Now I can definitely get behind me having a life better than today. Judy, tell us a little bit more, but how you use hope to motivate action in your life?


Judy  1:01  

Well, I honestly believe that where your focus goes, your energy flows and your results show. So hope is what I like to give everybody. Because if you can see into your future, that things are going to be marvelous and good for you, then you are going to achieve that. And that’s just the law of creation at work. So a lot of what I do in my daily practice every day, is help people see themselves in a better future. a better life. You know, I kind of have an acronym for hope. 


Lindsay Recknell  1:39  

Tell me more. 


Judy  1:40  

Okay, so it’s His or her Operating Procedure for Enforcing a better life. 


Lindsay Recknell  1:50  

Whoo, I like that. now did you just come up with this after we started talking about you being on this podcast?


Judy  1:57  

Yes, I did.


Lindsay Recknell  1:59  

Love it. Well, so But tell me more. I mean, you know, as this concept of hope comes up for people, I mean, it means very, very different things to other people. And I’d love to hear what you thought about as you prepare to come on the show, and, and that definition, so tell us more.


Judy  2:18  

So one of the things is that we get stuck looking at our past. And unfortunately, the more emotion we give to everything is the emotion we give to things that hurt us, we seem to be able to feel more deeply about things that hurt than things that give us pleasure. So we tend to repeat our past over and over again. And therefore we tend to get things that we don’t want again and again and again. 


Judy  2:48  

So part of NLP part of everything that I do is to teach people to let go of that, and to start looking forward with hope, with enthusiasm to what you do want to achieve in your life. And I find it’s so powerful. One of my clients that I worked with, I still work with, I mean, most of my clients have been clients for quite a long time. I of course get new ones all the time. But there’s a lot that they’re basically my family at this point. 


Judy  3:25  

And I had one client that was going through a divorce, who was absolutely horrendous. she’d gone through five rounds of IVF. They had tried everything to have a baby, him being Italian, it was really important to him. And he ended up walking away from her wanting a divorce because she hadn’t been able to have children.


Judy  3:49  

And getting her through for that. The couple of years, the grief. And all of that was a lot of work. I had to give her hope that her life was going to get better. And I use lots of tools. I use meditations. I use hypnosis, but I also use building rapport with me. So they trust me, right. And once they trust me and see that things that I tell them work they become. It’s easier to give them hope.


Judy  4:22  

So after about three years, she met someone new, and she’d been told she had a 1% chance of ever harming the child. Very, very low because of course they’d harvest most of her eggs. It had worked she hadn’t been able to carry and it was just a rendus situation. So using hope, using meditations using visualizations. I had her see herself having a baby. 


Judy  4:52  

Well, months go by and you’re a year goes by and she’s in this lovely relationship. She’s going Getting happier. And she walks in to see me one day. And it was for a business thing, because I also coached her business. Like if something wasn’t happening, and she wanted a result, she’d come in and say, Okay, give me a meditation. You know, I want this. So we would do that. And I, and she walked in, I said, Oh, you’re pregnant. Wow, she was like, What are you talking about? Don’t upset me, you know, I can’t do that. And I’m like, Oh, I’m sorry, but I heard that you’re pregnant. 


Judy  5:31  

So I missed her call. She called me I think, two weeks later to tell me that, in fact, she was pregnant, but I have missed her call. And I didn’t see her for another, like four months. And she come in and she’s got the belly going. And she says, Oh, you didn’t get my message? Yes. So now here we are, she has a beautiful two and a half year old. And that was all it’s a miracle. So I believe that hope creates miracles. without hope, there’s nothing 


Lindsay Recknell  6:09  

I mean, you know, you and I are aligned on that. without hope there is nothing.


Judy  6:13  

That’s right. And that’s why I was anxious to do your podcast because you are so in line with what I do. You know, and I see people in so much pain, never had a date, never been out with a man or never been out with a woman and it’s not just coaching them. it’s having them believe that they deserve to have a date the hope is not gone. 


Judy  6:44  

You know, it’s time for you to start believing in yourself. And once you get them to start believing in self then that hope happens and miracles happen all the time. So that’s my take,


Lindsay Recknell  6:59  

I love it I’m I am a very well aligned on that I love what you said about if you can give people that confidence in themselves that that ability to know that they are valuable that they have so much to offer the world and that hope that they too can have that future better than today by taking control over the things that they can control in their lives you know and and I love you know all the tools and all of the the ways the methods that you you support your people It feels like you meet them exactly where they’re at. And it’s not a one size fits all kind of scenario coaching practice. 


Lindsay Recknell  7:42  

And you mentioned NLP. Now I know what NLP is because I’m a fan. But can you share with listeners who may not know what NLP is all about and how it helps others?


Judy  7:54  

Well, neuro linguistic programming called NLP gives you a lot of tools to help other people to understand themselves, and also how to perceive the world. One of the most important things that I learned when I first started NLP is that your world is what you are perceiving it as. And we are hearing everything through an already listening. And once we understand what our already listening is, and how it’s either good for us or bad for us or not necessary, we can start seeing a bigger picture for ourselves. And NLP teaches you tools, so many tools. 


Judy  8:39  

And, for example, just one that I teach people a lot is to recall a memory so for you, I would like you to tell me a memory. That was really good for you. Somebody that made you feel lovely, amazing that I’m Lindsay, I’m special.


Lindsay Recknell  9:01  

Want me to tell you right now? 


Judy  9:03  

why not? 


Lindsay Recknell  9:04  

Okay, absolutely. See here, we got some free online coaching. Um, as you were explaining, a couple of things came to mind. One was, um, so a number of years ago, 1012 years ago, I had the opportunity to start a chapter of a not nonprofit service organization, the kin, kinsmen and kinects, Canada, it’s called kin Canada. And I had the opportunity to start a chapter in Vancouver. 


Lindsay Recknell  9:32  

And I remember at our chapter, dinner, our inaugural chapter dinner, just feeling so much pride in myself in the team around me, all of these people that had hearts for service that were just there to, you know, to give back to their community and all of the work and effort it took for us for all of us. To get to that place. I remember feeling very proud of the the effort I put in.


Judy  10:00  

Now I want you to, I want you to pinch your ear. 


Lindsay Recknell  10:04  



Judy  10:05  

Just so it hurts just a little, 


Lindsay Recknell  10:07  



Judy  10:09  

Okay, so if you were at my shop, I would have you repeat that at least three times, but not the same story I’d have you find another moment where you felt really good about yourself. And then when you got to that point where you feel really good, I would have you pinch your ear again. And this is called anchoring. So I would have you anchor these wonderful feelings on your ear. And I would have you do that every day. And if you don’t have something during the day that made you feel great, I’d ask you to do it at night, before you go to bed, get into a really good feeling and add to that anchor. 


Judy  10:46  

So then whenever you’re going through life, and something upsets you, when you can’t, you can’t feel the best, maybe you’re writing an exam and you’re nervous, you pull on your ear, and all of those positive feelings come back, and it takes you into that positive state. So it gives you control over your emotion. I’ve had people get on planes that couldn’t fly past exams, you have no idea. I have a lawyer that says he would never have gotten through. 


Judy  11:19  

And those are the kinds of things that NLP can give to you. It gives you an understanding of self. It gives you an understanding of others, it teaches you how to listen to people better, and how to interpret, like, relationships are hard. Let’s be honest.


Judy  11:44  

But one thing we need in relationship is to actually hear what he said. Because we’re all different. I can say You look great today, and you go, thanks. But I can say to someone else, you look great, then they’ll go what was wrong with me? Yes. It’s all in how they hear. So part of those tools is to make your life a better place. Because if you learn how to understand how you’re listening, and you will always listen for the criticism, and you’re aware of that you can now start putting it away. Oh, I’m not being criticized, I’m actually gonna hear what is actually being said to me, which is that I look very good. 


Judy  12:26  

You get, that’s the kind of thing and I think, I think that gives people hope, hope for a better life. So it makes sense.


Lindsay Recknell  12:34  

It makes tons of sense. Makes tons of sense. I’m, I’m keying in on the perception piece because I also agree I we hear from a place of our perception, right? And our perception comes from our experiences. What we’ve experienced in the past is going to, we’re going to look through the world through that lens.


Judy  12:55  

Absolutely. They call it you’re already listening.


Lindsay Recknell  12:59  

Okay, yeah. Oh, that was I was gonna ask you what that already listening term was, you mentioned that, um, how does perception relate to mindset in your world? If it does, maybe it doesn’t,


Judy  13:16  

I believe it does. Because that is your mindset. So if you get up in the morning and you think, you know, I I’m not attractive to the opposite sex. And so you put on a tracksuit and you put on a cap backwards and you don’t bother with any lipstick or, or making yourself look any better. In fact, you make yourself look like exactly like what you think you are is an attractive to the opposite sex.


Judy  13:48  

So we become what we think we are. That is how we show ourselves. And I think that it’s teaching people like you don’t have to feel that way. Go get a haircut. Put on some nice clothes, learn how to love yourself. And I start with silly little things. Like I will teach them to sing a song. Very simple. I love myself, I love myself. This I truly do. I love myself, I love myself, and others love me too. And I make them sing it and I tell them, sing it all the time sing it again, and get that energy up. 


Judy  14:39  

Because the more you love yourself, the more attractive you become, the more attractive you become, the better your life tastes. Because we are attracting our own reality. I don’t believe it’s the law of attraction. I believe it is the law of creation and it is our thoughts. It’s our emotion. It is our way of seeing the world that creates our reality. And our angels are always listening.


Lindsay Recknell  15:10  

It’s wonderful to hear you speak, I am, I am so curious about the work that you do and your thinking process. And I just love to hear you speak. So thank you for being here.


Judy  15:21  

Thank you for having me.


Lindsay Recknell  15:23  

Um, one of the things that I think about is to hear you describe the work that you do, especially as a psychic medium. There’s traditional connotations to that profession, right to that, to that, to that world that you’re in. Something that I experience working in hope is similar, the stigma attached to that language is off putting to people before they hear what we have to say about it, right? 


Lindsay Recknell  15:54  

I believe hope has a PR problem, and I have to solve that PR problem. I imagine psychic mediums have a PR problem, and I imagine you are out to solve that PR problem. First off, is that accurate? If you know, is that something you experienced? And if it is, how are you socializing your work in the world?


Judy  16:21  

So that is so accurate. But one thing I will tell you when people come in for mediumship, that is when they are so full of hope. Because they’re hoping to connect with someone they love that does pass. And the beautiful part of my job is invariably I’m able to give them something then no one could know. And it is so real to them. And you see that their eyes light up and their and their sense of relief to know that their loved one is still around them and still loves them. So that is the wish fulfilled that I give to people that brings tears to my eyes when it happens. So that’s a really big part of it. 


Judy  17:17  

People think of us as bubble bubble toil and trouble. And you know, I have scars all over my chest, which I swear from a past life where I was burnt as a witch, but it is who I am, right? I can only be who I am. So the answers to that is particularly a little bit complicated because it is a stigma that is attached to these professions. And one of the reasons I became an NLP therapist, one of the reasons I become a hypnotherapist, one of the reasons I’ve taken all of the classes and everything that I’ve done is it’s not enough to be able to tell somebody, this is what could happen in your life. 


Judy  18:09  

If you keep on doing what you have to be able to help them. If I’m not able to help them and give them hope for a better life, then it’s not worth doing. And one of the first things my mother taught me was, be careful the seeds you plant. And she told me a story.


Judy  18:35  

My great grandmother was famous throughout the northeast of England as the witch of South work for the Hubble bubble toilet broke. And apparently she made potions and all this. But my grandmother, her best friend, she told her that she was gonna die when she was 50. She was 16 at the time. 


Judy  19:03  

But this story this, it was in her head. And my mom told me when her mother’s friend turned 50 she dropped dead. And there was no reason for it. Now I don’t know if my mom was just trying to scam me. Like don’t plant seeds. And she was hammering it and I was 11 years old. But here I am 66 and I always have them in my mind. Don’t plant a seed that takes away a person’s hope. 


Lindsay Recknell  19:35  

Yes. Well in that even if the outcome isn’t as dire as a death, going back to what you said at the very beginning about where you focus, your energy goes and you can’t know what the third part of that show results show. Um but it’s you know it regardless of The Hocus Pocus behind it or not behind it, whatever suggestions you put in your mind, you’re going to focus on that, if they’re positive, you have the opportunity to focus on that, if they’re negative, you have the opportunity to focus on that you get to choose. 


Lindsay Recknell  20:13  

And so yeah, by planting those seeds, they could be detrimental, or we’re not. But that makes Yeah, that makes tons of sense. Just be careful what messages are going into your mind.


Judy  20:25  

This is one of the things and why psychics get a bad reputation. Because there are people that have the gift. I’m not saying they don’t have some kind of gift, but they use it to, to the detriment, like you have a curse on you. So you need to go and take every penny out of your bank account and bring it to me so I can get rid of that curse for you. Right? 


Judy  20:52  

And you hear those stories. I’ve had people come running into me and say, I was told I have this, I was told I have that. And I’m like, but you know how I deal with it? I don’t tell them they’re wrong. I say okay, well, let’s move it. And I do a little ceremony. So they feel that it’s been removed. And then I don’t charge them extra or anything, it’s just you’re up. And they’re like, oh, okay, and then they come back and everything is great. 


Judy  21:25  

So I can’t discount the seed that’s been planted, I have to remove it. That’s how powerful this can be. I mean, if you’re sitting across from somebody, and I know lots of things about you, and I’ve never met you before, you’re going to believe I have a gift. And a lot of people have somewhat of a gift, and they can use it. 


Judy  21:50  

So to me, the seeds you plant have to be seeds of hope. The hope that your life can get better. The hope that your cancer can go away. And it works. I can tell you stories,


Lindsay Recknell  22:09  

Please tell me more stories.


Judy  22:11  

I could tell you stories all day long, about, about how that hope has transformed a person’s life. 


Lindsay Recknell  22:21  

How do you recognize hope in other people?


Judy  22:26  

This sparkle. They twinkle when they talk about their face shows that it’s that even the way they talk about it, they’re their ex, they’re showing you what they hope for. You know, and and, and you also know when a person has, you know, I have, I have a client that had no hope, and would cry about her future. And, and I mean, this is a beautiful intelligence smart girl. And it’s like, I can’t understand, you know, looking from the outside to this beautiful young woman, feeling that she has no hope for future. 


Judy  23:18  

So I saw a change in her The last time I saw her. And it’s because that hope is taking hold. And she says people are reacting different to me now. She doesn’t understand she’s putting it out differently.


Lindsay Recknell  23:42  

That’s a few sessions down the road.


Judy  23:45  

But she sees it. She’s getting the results. 


Lindsay Recknell  23:50  

Yeah, wonderful. 


Judy  23:51  

So that’s how I recognize hope you see, you see it in their results, too. 


Lindsay Recknell  23:56  

Yeah, absolutely. Well, I know that you would see it in results, I know the power of hope and how it works in our lives, in our brains , in our perception of ourselves. 


Lindsay Recknell  24:08  

And I can’t even believe we’re getting to the end of our time together. And as you know, I know and as you know, the one question I asked all of my guests is God, what gives you hope?


Judy  24:24  

The future gives me hope. Because I see the world becoming more a place of love. I see us starting to understand each other better. And the more people that do the work that you’re doing and that I’m doing and the more we talk about these things gives me a lot of hope. Because the angels are listening. 


Lindsay Recknell  24:50  

Is there anything else you’d like the listeners to hear before we close up today


Judy  24:58  

live your life with love. Love, by the way is accepting others and yourself exactly the way you are, and exactly the way you are not. And remember, it’s better to be happy than to be right.


Lindsay Recknell  25:17  

Now there is a takeaway, better to be happy than to be right something to remember, Judy, thank you so, so much for sharing your brilliance with us. I so appreciate just your approach and the way you have given me a lot of curiosity about your work, and shared some stories of Yeah, of how hope has motivated action in your life and loves your clients and all of those things. So thank you so much for being here. Really appreciate it.


Judy  25:45  

Thank you.


Lindsay Recknell  25:46  

Take care. 


Lindsay Recknell  25:50  

I hope you enjoyed this latest episode of the Hope Motivates Action podcast. These episodes are a labor of love inspiring conversations with hopeful people make my heart happy. If you also love this episode, it would be amazing if you could go to Apple podcasts and leave a review five stars if you’re into it. It’s these reviews that encourage Apple to promote this podcast to their network and the more people that listen, the more hope we can spread into the world. 


Lindsay Recknell  26:14  

Don’t forget to check out the show notes of this episode to find all the links to my guests books and other resources referenced in this episode. You’ll also find the link back to my website where you will find additional support and resources for you, your team and your community. I truly believe that the future will be better than today. By taking action over the things we can control and hearing from these guests on these episodes. I know that even more hopeful future is totally possible. 


Lindsay Recknell  26:38  

I’m always looking for inspirational guests so if you or anyone you know would like to be a guest on the show please reach out you can find me on the contact form of my website at expertinhope.com or by email at Lindsay@expertinhope.com. 


Lindsay Recknell  26:54  

When I was a teenager when my sisters were leaving the house to go out for the night, I always made it a point to remind them to call me if they needed me. It was my way to tell them that I cared and would always be there for them. I’d love you to know the same so all of you listening out there Call me if you need me. 


Lindsay Recknell  27:08  

Again, thank you for your love and support of this podcast, my work in hope and your intentional focus on making your future better than today. After all, hope without action is just a wish.


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