Honoring Your Emotions Through Big Life Changes with Laura Feltz

S09 | 2 – Honoring Your Emotions Through Big Life Changes with Laura Feltz

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When you experience adversity in life, do you often find yourself pushing yourself to go forward, rationalizing that others have it worse so you just need to get over it?

I know I have, and so has today’s guest. But as we discuss in this episode, someone is always going to have it worse. That doesn’t diminish the reality and the difficulty of what you are facing. Laura Feltz shares her journey with hope since she began losing her sight and became legally blind. She shares the importance of allowing yourself to feel your emotions as you experience them, and why you shouldn’t compare your experiences and feelings to what others have experienced and felt.

We also touch on small ways you can continue to take action in your life and get the support you need during big life transitions, as well as how you can find your identity again during those more turbulent times.

Remember: If it matters to you, then it matters! Tune in.

About Laura Feltz:

Laura Feltz helps overstretched professionals shed the weight of the world off their shoulders to reclaim their time, peace of mind and freedom they crave. Her results-focused and evidence-based approach delivers meaningful and lasting change.

Laura is a Certified Master Results Coach, a Board Designated Institute, Trainer, and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) [ABNLP], a Board Designated Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy® (TLT) [TLTA], and a Board Designated Instructor of Hypnotherapy [ABH]. She draws upon leading-edge mind/body tools and techniques used in 42 countries.

In her spare time, Laura is a volunteer Ambassador for Fighting Blindness Canada and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), raising awareness and sharing her lived experience with blindness.

To find out more information about Laura, visit her website or find her on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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