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Kids who have had trouble in the past don’t always get a fair shake. They’ve shoplifted or been in other trouble with the law so the community writes them off as “bad news” or “a lost cause.” But really, the challenge is likely that they just haven’t had the resources and support they need to be successful.

That’s where people like Tina Clem and the Calgary Youth Justice Society (CYJS) come in. Tina has worked with youth in many capacities, from residential care to early intervention to sexuality education in high schools. But after her son was born, she wanted to shift her energies. Tina has always had hope for youth and their success, but in the last 10 years, she’s come to believe that hope must be paired with purposeful and thoughtful action.

With CYJS, Tina works with community volunteers to support youth that have been in the court system, helping them to see hope in their own lives. Together, CYJS and Tina equip young people with language around strengths so they can begin to develop their leadership skills and potential.

I love the mindset that while the youth Tina works with may have had troubled pasts, they possess strengths that can help turn their lives around. Listen in for more!

About Tina Clem:

Tina proudly calls herself a youth worker by trade and at heart with over 25 years experience working with vulnerable youth that includes residential treatment, positive youth development and prevention programming, comprehensive sexuality education and formal mentoring programming.  She strives to combine direct service delivery experience with a solid understanding of youth development theories, frameworks and research when developing and delivering quality programming for youth.

As the current Program Director at Calgary Youth Justice Society, Tina leads and supports a team of passionate high performers to deliver quality strengths based programming and drives strategic change for the organization through innovation, quality and expanding the reach of our programming. 

Tina has a BA Psychology from U of C and CYCC Diploma from Mount Royal College/University.

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