S11 | 07 – No Change Without Hope with Chris Castelino

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Difficult times are often a catalyst for change. And change can only come with action. There’s science to prove this and this week’s podcast guest discovered this for himself after a particularly difficult time.

Chris Castelino lost a friend to suicide in 2018, then just as he was reeling from this had a terrible bike accident with a long recovery. He spent years isolating and questioning his ability to help others.

Then, in 2021, Chris decided to take action. It was hope that got him to that point.

Chris’s perspective and desire to bring hope and support to others is inspiring and he’s leaned on the experiences of others to help. In this episode, we talk about what worked for him, why optimism is impossible without hope, and taking agency over making things better in your life.

I love Chris’s take on hope being a prerequisite for motivation and pursuing our goals. I couldn’t agree more. I hope you’ll tune in to this inspiring conversation!

About Chris Castelino:

With a passion for people and process, Chris has had the privilege of assisting job seekers in finding success in the Canadian job market over the last three years. His commitment is to building excellent relationships and delivering the very best in client care and service quality. From building powerful portfolios to preparing candidates for interviews, his company’s mission is to empower professionals to make an impact and stand out in a crowded and often competitive market. Follow Chris’s company, Maple Road Consulting, on Instagram or connect with Chris on LinkedIn.

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