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Sometimes, when we don’t have hope ourselves or haven’t learned it yet, looking to someone who does can help us along the path. This week’s guest grew up in Detroit, Michigan in the 1980s and 1990s in a time of turmoil and racism for Black residents. But she watched her father first thrive in his career, then turn to mindfulness and hope as he battled for his life after a multiple sclerosis diagnosis and subsequent car accident.

As Shawntà Hooks shares, if someone who seemingly has no reason to be hopeful demonstrates hope, it sets an example of so many possibilities. She took what she learned from her father and the sudden death of her mentor and build on that knowledge to bring hope and mindfulness into her work.

Listen in as Shawntà talks about how she helps others get past the roadblock of the language around mindfulness and how the idea of teaching mindfulness to her young son brings her hope. So inspiring!

About Shawntà Hooks:

Shawntà Hooks’ mission in life is to help people increase their capacity as leaders, innovators, and compassionate human beings. After 20 years of corporate experience, it dawned on her that she had never meditated at work, for the purpose of work. Sure, she had attended yoga classes at work and wellness seminars, but she had never experienced a corporate learning offering that linked the benefits of mindfulness to corporate and DE&I strategy. Shawntà found this puzzling because science was finally beginning to explain the drastic improvements meditators experience in areas of focus, agility, resilience, compassion, and critical thinking – all key ingredients to strategy execution. As a result, she created Mindful Culture Creators™ during the COVID-19 pandemic as a space for employees to learn how to embed mindfulness into the way they work so that their work is more meaningful and productive (aka, more effective and efficient).

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