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Emotions are all over the place when you’re faced with a life-threatening illness. When it’s your young child with the diagnosis, it’s easy to fall into denial and despair. Instead, this week’s guest took hope, grew her belief, and turned it into faith.

When her 11-year-old daughter, Celeste, was diagnosed with pineoblastoma in 2011, Laura relied on following doctor’s orders. Eventually though, something told her that she should start researching the diagnosis. In a 1 to 23.5 billion chance, Laura found another girl the same age as Celeste with the same diagnosis at the same time. 

The two girls met and navigated some of the treatment together and Laura fostered a relationship with the other mom. What Laura discovered through it all was the importance of maintaining hope, believing in something bigger than yourself, and faith that all will work out as it should.

Laura’s story is incredibly powerful, from a tragic accident as a young girl to the work and hope she’s spreading today.

About Laura Lane:

Laura Lane specializes in providing loving faith-based support for moms whose kids are fighting for their lives. Laura offers hope in a hopeless situation for caregivers who want to learn how to develop grace under pressure during the daily care of their child.  As a professionally trained transformational workshop leader and cancer mom herself, she is there to support them along the way, help them learn needed skills and feel understood. Laura engages her audiences in deep spiritual conversations that help bring more joy and gratitude and a closeness to God during the dark nights of the soul.

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