Let’s talk about hope

and how it can inspire and propel action. Or compassion – and how it can change the world. Or the positive effects of a little ‘mental health maintenance’ in the workplace.

As a keynote speaker, I’ll provide your audience with an informative and inspiring ‘kick in the pants’ that leaves them feeling excited to create change in their lives – and armed to take the first (several) steps.

You can learn more about my standard talks below. They’re typically 45 minutes in length but can be scaled up or down as needed (and delivered virtually anywhere). That said, the possibilities are endless. I can customize any of them for your needs, incorporate more than one topic into a single talk, or touch on something related but completely different. Feel free to reach out at any time to discuss the possibilities.

Keynote Option A:

Hope Without Action is Just a Wish

We’ve all experienced HOPE – whether we recognized it or not. This talk is all about finding hope and using it to motivate action. Specifically, I’ll share:

  • The story of how hope changed my life
  • The Science of Hope (it’s a thing!) and your brain’s role in using hope to motivate action
  • Specific techniques participants can put into practice right away to create positive change in their lives
Keynote Option b:

Compassion Can Change the World

I believe a lot of the stigma around mental health comes from fear – fear of the unknown, fear of others attitudes toward mental health and fear of repercussion for speaking out. Compassion truly has the power to eliminate this stigma and in this talk, you’ll learn how compassion can overcome fear through empathy, education and curiosity.

With these tools in mind, you'll learn:

  • We’re all born with compassion (and why some lose it)
  • Practical ways to become more compassionate
  • How to connect compassion to action
Keynote Option c:

Lifting the Stigma of Mental Health in the Workplace

There remains a lot of stigma around mental health. As a result, many suffer in silence. The goal of this talk is to change that – and start a conversation about mental health in the workplace.

Specifically, we’ll discuss:

  • What mental health means, especially in a workplace context
  • How to open up the channels of communication regarding mental health, including language and tips for starting important conversations
  • How to respond when all is NOT well with a friend or colleague