I got that Sunshine in my Pocket

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I love bike riding.

Like really love bike riding. I will choose bike riding first, over any other kind of exercise…except maybe a dog walk but the speed we walk, not really exercise 🙂

I don’t always choose exercise, but when I do, it’s usually bike riding.

Last night was gorgeous, so I got on my bike and went to the river pathway with my tunes.

And it was awesome.

At one point, I was singing out loud and pumping my fist to the music, causing dog park people to point and laugh…seriously. One of my favourite Justin Timberlake songs (no judgments), Can’t Stop the Feeling, was on and I literally thought, “the only thing that would make this better is if my other favourite song, Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon, came on next”..and it totally did! Can you imagine me, riding along, bopping my head to the music? I bet you can imagine it…and I totally didn’t care who saw me, I was lovin’ life.

My favourite spot on the path
Check out that sky!

It had been a super hot day in Calgary and having been in my office all day, I was lethargic and kind of blah. The dogs were passed out on the tile floor, tongues hanging everywhere…it was 81’F or 27’C in our house! I was going through the classic mental debate of “should I” or “shouldn’t I” when I stopped with the excuses and got on my bike.

I always underestimate the effect exercise has on my mind and my motivation. But last night was yet another example of how, with a little effort, I can experience an incremental increase in awesome.

These are the joyful moments to look for…the #treasurehunt clues I want to keep intentionally finding. Makes me happy…it was so simple…and the effect of that ride followed me long into the evening.

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