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I met my husband online, back in the olden days before interest was shown by swiping right or left. Back then, you initiated contact online with an email through the website, exchanged messages for a bit, talked on the phone for a bit before finally meeting in real life one day. Then, if the date went well, protocol dictated there was usually the “mandatory waiting period” before you could initiate contact again.

Protocol because what if you were too eager or showed too much interest too soon?

Did that give away your advantage to appear “cool”, aloof, with low expectations when really, you wanted to talk again right away and tell them what a great time you had and ask when you could see them again?

The politics and mind games of online dating drove me crazy.

One of the things I remember most after my first date with my husband, is that he text me before I’d even left the parking lot after our date.

Just to tell me he was glad to have met me and looked forward to getting together again.

No drama, no pressure, no politics.

Made me feel appreciated, special and gave me hope.

I liked it.

I approach life, and business, in a similar way. Because I would like new people I meet to also feel appreciated, special and have hope for our future interactions.

If I meet someone at an event and they seem like minded and I’d like to get to know them better professionally, I’ll soon follow them on social media, add them as a connection on LinkedIn or visit their website to learn more.

It’s not about heavy sales tactics – in fact, if I even send a message directly, it’ll just be to let them know I was happy to have met then and look forward to getting to know them. It’s the authentic me showing genuine interest.

Like online dating, there doesn’t have to be drama, politics and pressure. If you’re interested to get to know someone better, reach out without ulterior motives, when the time feels right to you. I really like building relationships and am lucky that many of my professional connections have turned into friends as well. That’s a tribute to intention and authenticity on both sides and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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