Finding Your Seed of Hope with Karen Styles

S07 | 08 – Finding Your Seed of Hope with Karen Styles

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These negative feelings of anger and despair might seem discouraging to you, but Karen Styles joins me on the podcast today to share why they shouldn’t be.

What you’re seeing as frustration on the surface, could actually be a seed of hope inside of you, telling you that there are better things to come. Learn how to uncover that voice and find the motivation you need to make a change in your life.

S07 | 02 – Taking Action on Your Dreams with Kelly Strongitharm

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Where there’s a will, there’s a way. It’s a popular saying, but as today’s guest proves, it’s also totally true. Kelly Strongitharm believes that there’s always a way to reach your goals. You just need to figure out how and make it happen. Today she shares her incredible story of hope with us, detailing the risks and opportunities she seized …

S05 | 06 – Intentionality in Your Decisions with Tarun Singh

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How intentional are you about the decisions you make in your life? Are you actually intentional in the decisions you make or are you just holding on to a blind optimism, wishing to meet your goals? Intentionality is a driving factor in hope and taking action. It’s about envisioning your end goal and planning what the steps are that you …

S04 | 09 – Building Hope Through Humor with Lindsay Harle-Kadatz

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When you find yourself slipping into the cloudiness of depression, stress, or anxiety, how do you cope and find the motivation to get through it? There are many coping methods you might see as a beacon in the darkness, but today’s guest specializes in using humor. Lindsay Harle-Kadatz’s story is all about finding the humor in our lowest times, reaching …